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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​2-Year Old Montie Beag Class Sessional Preschool/Montessori


Our Montie beag group of 5-6 children, is a great place for your child to transit from your home to being an indidvidual within a group, each child in this group is cared for and comforted as if they are our own children. They are provided with a range of montessori and play activities to enhance their holisitc development and get them ready to become active learners. We encourage all children to get involved in our activities.

​3-Year Old Montessori Class sessional

Our Montessori group of no more than 13 children, is a very personal space for your children, each child is cared for as our own, we give each child the encouragement they need to try new things and get involved in all activities. We love each child to share and take turns, and allow them to make choices for themselves. We allow children to be leaders and to explore their abilities in all areas. We provide children with a range of different play experiences, while also using Montessori materials to enhance your child's development through Practical Life, Language, Sensory, Mathematics, Botony, Science and Geography.


Transitional to infant Classes

We love to see children moving forward, as this is a part of your child's development, we provide each child with their own profile to allow their new primary teacher to gain important background information about your child, this provides the teacher with information like your child's favorite song, poems etc. to allow your child have a smooth transition from pre school to infant classes. This profile belongs to your child and their teacher should give it back to your child.

Breakfast Club

We offer a breakfast club for all children, providing children with a light breakfast, and a lift to school.

We provide school going children with afterschool care, we have a choice of options available. 

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